Our guidelines for new grantees focus on increasing equity and reducing disparities in the Puget Sound community. We see equity as the condition that would be achieved if one’s identity no longer predicted how one fared in life. Disparities are differences in life experiences, life outcomes, and the distribution of society’s benefits and burdens determined by a person’s race and other characteristics historically linked to discrimination and/or exclusion.

We seek to support organizations that are reflective of and embedded in the communities they serve, draw on the strengths and assets of these communities, and are accountable to these communities in order to achieve the long-term goals of increasing equity and reducing disparities.

The successful grantee will meet the following criteria:

  • The non-profit must have a current 501(c)3 IRS certification.
  • The organization must be based in the Puget Sound community of Washington. We do not fund offshoots of national organizations.
  • The organization is focused on providing services to youth (elementary through high school) affected by inequity due to race and/or other characteristics historically linked to discrimination and/or exclusion. The services provided should focus on one or more of the following areas: reading, writing, math, science, critical thinking, mentorship, homework assistance, college readiness, or the college application process.
  • The organization is accountable to the community being served by demonstrating one or more of the following:
    • Ensures that the community being served is visibly leading the organization
    • Engages the community being served in ongoing decision-making, planning, and assessment; and/or
    • Draws on the strengths, assets, and lived experience of the students and families being served to achieve the long-term goals of reducing disparities and increasing equity.
  • The organization has the expertise to do the work and is able to demonstrate:
    • An understanding of the root causes of the issues facing the youth being served
    • Lived experience and/or a track record of success in reducing disparities and/or achieving more equitable outcomes.
  • Grantees must agree to submit a report one year after receipt of the grant.

Grants start at $10,000. First-time grants generally do not exceed $10,000. We will consider requests for both operating expenses as well as specific programs. It is possible to have funding renewed each year after re-application. Please make sure you have submitted a report prior to asking for a grant renewal.

If you have any questions about our guidelines, please contact us at: info@mannixcanby.org.